Charleston Bridal Portraits

Ellie’s Bridal Portraits | Charleston, SC

Y’all. I have been waiting for FOREVER to share these! Literally since last August! Ellie is my lovely bride who was supposed to be married in October of 2016, when awful hurricane Matthew decided to roll into town for the weekend. Their wedding was postponed until this past weekend, and I am SO excited to tell you more about that! Ellie and Jack were so amazing through the whole thing. As Ellie said to me in an email the week before her wedding: “Looking back, it is quite comical how everything happened. I honestly wouldn’t change any of it if you gave me the chance. Neither of us is nervous excited like before, it’s a different kind of excited than before…more like a deep in your heart, overwhelming excitement…almost like pure joy. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a wonderful feeling!” As I always say, I love couples who know that their marriage is more important than their wedding day, and Ellie and Jack are definitely that couple! From their engagement session to Ellie’s gorgeous bridal session to their wedding day and all the in between, I have absolutely loved getting to know this couple. In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing the story of their wedding, so check back for that!

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