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3 Tips for Amazing Getting Ready Photographs

The moments while the bride and her girls are getting ready is usually one of my favorite times of the wedding day. There’s just something about the photos that are taken during this time. It’s the anticipation of seeing your groom for the first time. The fun of getting pampered with all of your best friends. The fun playlists you have and the moments of quiet reflection before you say “I do.”

Because I love these moments so much, I’ve put together a few tips to help you get the most out of this time.

1. Light, light, light!

Natural light creates such gorgeous getting ready photographs. If at all possible, choose a getting ready location with big windows and light walls. I prefer to have all the lights off when taking these photos, so it’s great if your space can be lit just by the window light. If not, being able to step outside to finish zipping up your dress is always a great option! 

2. Have these items ready!

I always tell my brides to have a few things ready on their wedding day, so we don’t have to spend precious time looking for them. Here’s the list: Your invitation suite (save the date, invitation, RSVP, and envelopes!), shoes, veil, bouquet, jewelry, your engagement ring and wedding band, and your fiance’s wedding band. This way I can take all of those items and set up beautiful photographs in seconds, like the ones below! 

3. Keep your getting ready space tidy!

This one is tough! When all your girls pile into the getting ready room or suite, it’s easy to just drop things in random places around the floor, with bags, wrappers, makeup, clothes and the like just scattered about. The tidier the room, the easier it is for me to move around and take photos where the light is nice. About a half hour before your photographer arrives, have the girls put their things all in one place, whether that’s the bathroom, a closet, or a bedroom we won’t be using for photographs. 

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