2016: A Review

2016. Everyone was so down on this year, but I thought it was a pretty good one! Maybe not for politics, but it did make for some pretty good memes… For me, it was a year of rest. A year of taking on less so that I could refocus and redefine my business. I¬†realized that I can say no to projects that I don’t feel passionate about, so that I can put my whole heart into the ones that I do feel passionate about. As I thought about couples I’ve photographed over the last few years, the ones who stand out to me are the ones who focused on marriage. The ones who know that their marriage is so much more than just their wedding day. My couples who braved rain, moved ceremonies, even wedding dates, and all with a smile on their faces because they are still standing by the one they love. Yes, your wedding day will be absolutely amazing, but it’s just the start of a lifetime of choosing each other.

This post is always a difficult one for me. How do I go through a whole year of amazing couples and pick just a few photos? I’ve done my best here to showcase some of my favorite photographs from the year, without doing a blog post of 1,000,000 images. I’m so thankful for the sweet couples that I had the privilege of working with in 2016. For the friends I’ve made, the stories I’ve heard, and the places I traveled. And now, here’s to 2017!¬†

Peace out, 2016!


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