Taylor Rae

About Me

Hello, and welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. I look forward to getting to know you, and here’s a little about me to start us off.

  • My husband says my laughter is explosive.
  • Sometimes my hair looks like a lion’s mane. There’s just nothing that can be done.
  • I eat popcorn almost every day. I have perfected the recipe for olive oil/salt/spice ratio. 
  • I love Jesus. He is Life, and the greatest example of love we could ever imagine!
  • My ideal temperature range is 72-78 with no humidity. Somehow I still love Charleston…

Having been a bride myself (I got married November of 2013!) I can honestly and unbiasedly say that my photos were the most important (vendor-related) part of my wedding day. Why? Because although my wedding day is over, my beautiful photographs hang on my wall to remind me of what a special day it was! 

For me, there is no greater photography project than to document two people in love. That’s why I adore working with couples who know that their marriage is about SO MUCH MORE than just their wedding day. It’s all the days that follow. It’s choosing your spouse each and every day. Your wedding day will be perfect, not because everything went according to plan, but because you said YES to the love of your life. And I see it as a huge honor when a couple chooses me to document such an important day in their lives!

When I was in 5th grade, I was a pretty good writer. You know, back when we got to write creative stories instead of essays on American History and lab reports in Chemistry. Looking back at my stories, the thing I excelled at was the details. I loved describing my characters. The freckles that lined their nose, the deep brown of their eyes, the way they bit their nails when they were nervous. So that is the answer to “why photography?” I love to describe people, to show who they are, to capture the way their eyes crinkle when they laugh, and the way their hand fits in someone else’s.

My inspiration has always been people. I love a good travel photograph, but if there’s not a person in the frame, I feel like it’s missing something. I love the emotion, the warmth, the life that a person brings to a photograph.

  • Couples who know their marriage is about MORE than just their wedding day.
  • Coffee. I will always meet you for a coffee date.
  • Couples who call me Taylor, not “lady with the big camera.” I even had one couple call me Tay-Tay Rae-Rae. I loved that!
  • Weddings in nature.
  • Couples who trust me and my creative vision.
  • Couples who are willing to take risks.
  • When my husband builds things for me.
  • My all white husky, Bindi.

When past brides describe my style, they say words like, “joyful,” “romantic,” “warm,” “bright,” and “photos that actually look like me!” My goal is to document you. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement, or bridal session, rest assured that I give my all to document you as you are. And that’s beautiful, mind you. My photographs are authentic, joyful, romantic, and beautifully you.