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Drew and I purchased our very first house in October of last year! It was right in the middle of my fall photography season, so it was slow going in the beginning. I finally feel like I am making some progress on some decorative touches in the house. The kitchen is pretty much complete, so I thought I would show some before and after photos of what we have done so far.

Here is the outside of the house. It’s yellow, has a front porch, and a window box. It was love at first sight :)

2016-02-05_0001This is me trying to high five Drew, and him ignoring me. 2016-02-05_0025Here’s our living room, which isn’t done quite yet. But I put it on here because the wall that separated the living room and the kitchen is now GONE! We bought the house knowing that we wanted to take the wall down, but it ended up being a much bigger project than we thought. Isn’t that how it always goes with home reno though?? It ended up being load bearing, so piers had to be put under the house and a new beam on the ceiling. But it was SO worth it! We also had to put down new floors in the kitchen.

Before:2016-02-05_0004 2016-02-05_0005As you can see on the left hand side, there were three huge floor to ceiling cabinets. They were really nice for storage, but made me feel so claustrophobic when I was in the kitchen.2016-02-05_0006 2016-02-05_0007 2016-02-05_0008This is the second entrance to the kitchen. The wall from the living room went all the way across to a hallway, and there was another entrance on the other side.2016-02-05_0009


We painted a much more muted yellow. I knew I didn’t like the dark mustardy yellow it was before, but it took FOREVER to pick out a paint color. We liked the green in the living room, and with the wall gone, we knew the kitchen color had to go well with the living room color. I had about 30 paint swatches, and 10 different colors painted on the wall at one point. Thankfully, some of my girlfriends were over one day and had an intervention for me :) They picked this color, called Down Comforter, and said, “This is it! Now PAINT!” Thank goodness for friends :)2016-02-05_0010As you can see, the wall is now gone! Before, there was only a doorway here so you could just see the table from where this photo was taken. We also replaced the light fixtures. Both of the ones you see here are from Lowe’s. I don’t remember a time when weekends weren’t spent walking around Lowe’s…2016-02-05_0011New stainless steel appliances! We also painted the island white. Sooo much cleaner! We want to replace the counters and put in a backsplash, but that’s pretty far down the reno list at the moment :)2016-02-05_0012When we took out the wall, we also took out those three big cabinets. The tile used to go all the way to the end of the island, but we decided it would look better to have hardwood that matched the living room. We had Bruza Construction tear down the wall for us, and they did such an amazing job! And I’m so impressed every time I walk into the kitchen and see how seamlessly the floors fit together.2016-02-05_0013 2016-02-05_0014Seriously, taking down that wall was the best decision ever. It opens up the kitchen and living room so much, and makes it so much lighter!2016-02-05_0015 2016-02-05_0016Drew is my handyman (thank goodness, because I’m hopeless when it comes to any kind of home improvement project). The white cabinet you see here used to be one of the ceiling height yellow cabinets. He shaved down the top of it so it was the same height as the other cabinets, and reinstalled the doors. Then he made these adorable floating shelves for my cookbooks and my grandma’s teapots :)2016-02-05_0017 2016-02-05_0018I got this artwork at World Market. Drew wasn’t so sure about it, but I think it matches so well with the rest of the kitchen! Thoughts??2016-02-05_0019Ignore the messy living room…it’s still a work in progress! As you can see, we (Drew) ripped off the tile from the fireplace. We really love the brick underneath, but have to figure out a way to get all the glue off. We’re thinking we could either leave it brick, or maybe even paint the brick white.2016-02-05_0020 2016-02-05_00212016-02-05_0022More of Drew’s handiwork.2016-02-05_0023The spice rack was a housewarming gift from my brother :) The hanging pot below is from Ikea. I need some pretty plants (or maybe an herb garden!) to plant there, but I do NOT have a green thumb at all. I need to find some easy-to-maintain herbs :)
2016-02-05_0024So that’s our kitchen renovation! Let me know what you think :) Hopefully the rest of the house will be done before my spring wedding season kicks in, because otherwise it might have to wait until next winter. That’s some good motivation to get me going!

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  1. Taylor, it looks fantastic! I really like the artwork on the wall in the kitchen; tying in the yellow and silver. Great job, Chip and Joanna ;)

  2. Awesome work Taylor and Drew! Very proud of you both. Your house looks amazing and can’t wait to see it for real next month! Hooray for you both! Love you both!

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