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I always love the before and after sections of magazines and websites. So I’m excited to post my first before & after post on my blog! This is my new room, in my new house. I love them both : ) I have been a little obsessed with gray and yellow ever since I saw this very bedspread, and scoured Target until I found the exact one that I saw online. I even bought it a size too big because I had to have it. After painting this room, I have decided that I never want to paint again. I couldn’t believe how sore I was the next day…I’m a Zumba instructor for goodness sake, doesn’t that mean I’m in shape? Not to mention pulling off 502 little sticky pieces on the wall that were holding up the previous decorations…when my dad came down to visit I showed him how much work I had done and pleaded with him to buy the house so I wouldn’t have to move. I’m pretty sure he thought I was joking. I wasn’t.

I’ve been in Charleston for a little over a month now, and the other day I said “y’all.” Completely on accident, and completely naturally. I caught myself right after I said it and my roommates (both Charlestonians) and I freaked out for a little bit that Southern ways had come so quickly to me. The next thing you know I’m going to be calling everyone sweetie and hunny no matter what their age or gender. I suppose there are worse things : )


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