Jessica & Brian | Legare Waring

A Legare Waring Anniversary Session

Jessica & Brian


I met Jessica and Brian at the lovely Legare Waring House for their anniversary session. I have to say, I am ALL about anniversary sessions. A lot of couples will do an engagement session and then wedding day portraits, but what about the years after? You grow so much as a couple in the first few years of marriage, after your first child, even ten years down the road. What a sweet way to document the seasons in your life, your marriage, and your relationship. It was so sweet hearing about Jessica and Brian’s marriage and the love they share. You could tell that they had so much respect for each other. I think a lot of times it’s easy to be in love, but it’s something completely different to have respect for the person you love, which comes from living life together, going through the daily motions, and the good and bad times with that one person. That’s another thing I love about anniversary sessions. The engagement session is the very beginning of a new stage in your relationship. An anniversary session happens after you have learned so much more about your spouse, so a lot of times, the photos might look completely different! So if you haven’t documented your life in awhile, grab your honey, a cute outfit, and lets go document your love!