A Body Love Empowerment Event!

A Body Love Empowerment Event

Taylor Rae Photography + Dance Lab Charleston!

Hey Ladies! I’m so excited about my upcoming boudoir event with Dance Lab! We’re collaborating for the first ever “Feelin’ Yourself Body Love Empowerment Event!” Intrigued? Read on for more details, or click HERE to sign up for this event!

The What:

I’m teaming up with my favorite dance studio in Charleston, Dance Lab

This half-day event will include:
A Feelin’ Sexy Dance Class with dance industry guru Jenny Broe 

A Customized Boudoir Photoshoot with Professional Photographer, yours truly

And of course, Light Refreshments & Bubbly

The Why:

If you’ve followed my @blushbytaylorrae Instagram account, you know how much I love boudoir photography! I believe that boudoir photography can be classy, elegant, and SO empowering! I know some people cringe at the word “boudoir,” but if it’s done correctly, it is such a beautiful experience.

I have never had a boudoir session where a woman left feeling bad about herself. In fact, every single time, she tells me that she feels strong, sexy, and beautiful. You will too!

The Details!

Saturday, August 24th from 10am-2pm

Location: Dance Lab Charleston
1660 Sam Rittenberg Blvd #3, 
Charleston, SC 29407

A 1 hour “feelin’ sexy” dance class

Download and printing rights to 5 edited boudoir photographs

$49 (This is over a $400 value!)

If you’re thinking, “heck yes, how do I book?!” then here you go! It’s so simple!

Just use this LINK to sign up online! We’re only reserving 20 spots, so make sure you sign up quickly if you’d like to attend!

Once you’ve booked, I’ll be sending you an email with information on what to wear, what to bring, and what to expect! I can’t wait to take photos of your confident, sexy self! Email me with any questions you have, but remember, sessions will book up quickly!

About Us

Jenny Broe:

Dancer, instructor and choreographer extraordinaire, Jenny Broe is the owner and Chief Mad Scientist of “Dance Lab”.   Determined to push progress for arts in Charleston, Broe continues to provide unique performance outlets for performers of all varieties. Currently, her mission’s main focus is providing the humans of Charleston with the means of making themselves happy, one movement-and-laughter-filled dance class at a time. She believes all bodies can dance, SHOULD dance and NEED to be celebrated and loved!!  What can you expect from a Broe class? Lots of feel-good and feel-sexy movement, an awesome playlist, and incredible vibes!

Taylor Rae:

Taylor has been a wedding and lifestyle photographer in Charleston for over 7 years. She first found out about boudoir photography when she booked her own boudoir session right before her wedding. She walked in feeling so awkward and nervous, and left feeling like a strong, sexy woman! From then on, she knew she wanted to help other women experience the same feelings of empowerment.

Taylor now offers boudoir photography not only to all her brides, but to any woman who wants a little boost of confidence!

Introducing Blush by Taylor Rae


Blush by Taylor Rae


Ladies, I’m so excited to announce a new Instagram page just for you! I’ve been doing boudoir photography for a long time, but have never had an outlet to show off the photos. I recently created a private Instagram page just for women, @blushbytaylorrae.

I believe that boudoir photography can be classy, elegant, and SO empowering! I know some people cringe at the word “boudoir,” but if it’s done correctly, it is such a beautiful experience.

Halfway through my most recent boudoir session, the bride-to-be started jumping up and down and said, “I feel SO GOOD about myself right now! I was so nervous that I would feel bad about my body, but I feel so gorgeous. Every woman should do this at least once in her life!”

So grab your favorite playlist, maybe a glass of wine or a cocktail to loosen up, and a bunch of jewelry. Whether it’s for your groom-to-be, your husband, or just for yourself, you deserve to feel beautiful exactly the way you are!

I’m currently booking summer boudoir sessions! Follow along @blushbytaylorrae on Instagram for inspiration, and when you’re ready, you can email me at hello@taylorraephotography.com for more information on booking your session!