A Botany Bay Engagement | Charleston Engagement Photographer

A Botany Bay Engagement

Kelsey + Lance

I loved meeting Kelsey and Lance out at Botany Bay for their engagement session! It was the first time I’d ever been there, and it did NOT disappoint. The road leading up to the beach is a beautiful tree lined dirt road, and the beach is full of driftwood. While we were walking around, I asked about their proposal story. It was epic! They were hiking Machu Picchu, and Lance carried the ring all the way up. I was freaking out for him hearing the story! I can’t imagine going through the airport with a ring, let alone carrying it your whole trip and up a mountain! Lance said he was pretty nervous about it to :) My favorite part is that their guide filmed the proposal for them on his phone. I’m sure that’s a video they will cherish for forever! Kelsey and Lance, I can’t wait for your wedding this October!



Awendaw Engagement Session | Katherine + Bobby

An Awendaw Engagement Session | Charleston, South Carolina

Katherine + Bobby

I was so excited when Katherine emailed me about an engagement session, asking if I would come up to her family friend’s home up in Awendaw. I already knew how beautiful it is up in that part of town, and driving through the private drives of the neighborhood, I was so giddy about all the beautiful trees and untouched land! Once I walked in and met Katherine and Bobby, I knew I was in for a fun session. I laughed so much with these two goofballs! They were having their engagement party right after their session, so I was welcomed in by a whole group of family and friends + Tina the dog. I asked Robert what he preferred to be called, and Katherine’s sister chimed in with “We call him Big Booty Bobby.” So that was the start of the session :) From there on out we laughed about their modeling poses, being the new face of Nordstrom with classy white pants, losing champagne glasses and frolicking through the field. We even ate some fruit pie together at the end of the session for a job well done.

Katherine and Bobby, it was such a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for braving the rain and the bugs to take some amazing photos with me!

Um HELLO Angelina Jolie legs!!!

The marsh is always one of my favorite places to photograph!