A Charleston Engagement | Allie + Isiah

A Charleston Engagement Session

Allie + Isiah

Allie and Isiah are set to move out of Charleston soon for his deployment orders. Before they left, they both agreed that getting engagement photos done in Charleston, where they met, was a must! I was so happy when Allie reached out to book a last minute session. Engagement photos are always special, but I love the little added bonus of it being where they met! I love thinking that as they start their new life together in a new city, they can have photos of Charleston hanging on their walls :)

I had so much fun meeting their pupper, Dash, and he had so much fun chasing the other dogs around the park. We got him to sit still for a few, though :) As we walked down the street with Isiah in his Navy uniform, a woman walked out of the shop she owned. She was oohing and ahhing over how sweet they looked, and she snapped a few photos on her iphone to send to me. Everyone in Charleston loves a little romance! Allie and Isiah, good luck on your new journey!

Tabitha & Ethan | A Legare Waring Engagement

Tabitha & Ethan

A Legare Waring Engagement

I am SO excited for Tabitha and Ethan’s North Carolina wedding this June! Oh, what can I say about these two? They’re the type of people that as soon as I met them I thought, “They must have a million people who would all call them their best friend.” They’re those type of people who have the biggest, sweetest smiles that are always on their faces. The type of people who laugh easily and often. Who make you feel comfortable the second you make eye contact with them.

They brought their pups Rufus and Ruger along to Legare Waring. This was a hilarious part of their session, as the pups tried to sit still but kept getting distracted by squirrels, other dogs, and all the smells. Not that I minded at all, because the giggles it produced were well worth capturing on film! Tabitha and Ethan, I can’t wait to celebrate with you so soon! Tabitha’s shirt was the best for twirling! Their crinkly-eyed smiles make me so happy! This progression of photos cracks me up every time :)