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I know, I know, it's awkward enough to have a camera in your face when you're fully dressed, let alone when you're in your underwear! However, my goal of any session is to make you feel completely comfortable in front of my camera. Before your session, I'll coach you through what to wear, how to prepare, and what to expect! Yes, the first few minutes might be a little weird, but you'd be shocked at how quickly you will feel so empowered! I have never had a boudoir session where a woman left feeling bad about herself. In fact, every single time, she tells me that she feels strong, sexy, and beautiful. You will too! So grab your favorite playlist, maybe a glass of wine or a cocktail to loosen up, and a bunch of jewelry. Follow along @blushbytaylorrae on Instagram for inspiration, and when you’re ready, you can email me through the contact form for more information!

I believe that boudoir photography can be classy, elegant, and SO empowering! I know some people cringe at the word “boudoir,” but if it’s done correctly, it is such a beautiful experience.



Your session will include an online viewing gallery, download and printing rights for ALL the photos in your gallery, as well as the option for a la carte prints and albums. Please scroll down to contact me!

"I was absolutely nervous going into the photos & almost didn’t go through with it. But the moment we started shooting, I felt instantly at ease. You do not need to know how to model to have a gorgeous end product. Taylor gives you all the cues you need to feel confident and completely “you”. I walked away from that day feeling empowered and proud of the hard work."


"As soon we started Taylor made it so comfortable. I was amazed at how fast I felt comfortable in front of the camera. Not only were the photos amazing (loved all the natural, soft light), but I felt so strong and beautiful during & after the shoot. The photos were for my husband but I know I will also cherish them forever as it reminds me of how strong and brave I was. It was a super fun and rewarding experience. I definitely recommend doing a boudoir shoot with Taylor to anyone thinking about it!!"


"Taylor's boudoir photoshoots capture the art of a woman through her lens. I came to the photoshoot feeling nervous, overweight, and not desiring to be in front of a camera. Somehow, I left feeling confident, sexy, and reminded that even as I grow older, my amazing body has blessed me with three beautiful children. These moments you captured brought my spirit back to light."


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Ladies, if you're interested in seeing more boudoir photos, please contact me! I'm extremely sensitive to the boudoir work that I put online for anyone to see, but would be more than happy to send over some examples for private viewing!


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I’m based out of Charleston, SC, but I have a well-worn passport and traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I would love to travel for you! Can’t wait to hear from you!


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