Ruthanne & Jordan | A Legare Waring Engagement

Ruthanne & Jordan

A Legare Waring Engagement Session

When my beautiful sister-in-law and her handsome fiance came to visit Charleston, of course we had to take the opportunity to have an engagement session. Ruthanne and Jordan live in New York, and love everything about the city. But for their engagement session, they wanted the softer, southern feel. The spanish moss, huge oak trees, golden hour sunlight. I think we achieved that look at the lovely Legare Waring House :) It was so much fun for me to be able to photograph these two together. I had only met Jordan once before this, at a family trip to Walt Disney World, so it was great to get to know him better. And Ruthanne had been sweet enough to model for me years ago when I was first starting my business, so I hope this time was a little bit smoother :) I’ve loved having Ruthanne as a sister, and I’m so excited for Jordan to be part of the family too!

Here are a few words from Jordan: I first saw Ruthanne singing on a stage at a concert in downtown Minneapolis. I fell in love with her immediately. It truly was one of those “love at first sight” moments. Somehow I built up the courage and forgot that I was wearing my ripped jeans, flannel shirt, boots and favorite hat and went up and talked to her. I masked my terror with the cockiness you see guys like Clooney, Gosling and Pitt pull in the movies but it didn’t work. Complete fail. She saw right through it. So I resorted to my next tactic which the pretty boys of Hollywood never have to resort to… relentless pursuit. Guess what?? It worked. Ruthanne’s job brought her to New York City a couple of years ago and this December I proposed on the Brooklyn Bridge. We vacationed down to Charleston to visit Ruthanne’s brother and sister-in-law, and we couldn’t imagine a place more beautiful to have engagement pictures taken.

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