A Dominican Republic Wedding | Alyssa + Chad

A Dominican Republic Wedding | Alyssa + Chad

It’s been such an honor to be part of Alyssa and Chad’s journey. I remember meeting Alyssa for the first time when Chad came down to Charleston for a visit, and I immediately liked her. She’s warm, has the greatest giggle, and loves adventure. Chad is her perfect complement. He’s goofy, loves to bring laughter to whoever he’s with, and is her go-to travel buddy! I was so happy to be able to photograph their proposal, engagement session with their new puppy, and finally, their Punta Cana wedding!

Their wedding day was a week of fun with their closest friends and family. We laid on the beach, drank out of coconuts, did water-aerobics, relaxed in the spa, and giggled over Michael Jackson dancers. Their wedding day was a culmination of all the joy throughout the week. I think Chad said it best when he said, “I feel blessed that we get to share this walk down the beach with amazing family and friends who have loved and supported our journey, but it is even more exciting to know that when all of the beach balls have been deflated, the sand has been kicked off our sandals, and the tan lines have faded – we will be together.”

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