Caitlin & Hunter | A Downtown Charleston Wedding

Caitlin & Hunter

A Downtown wedding at the Visitor’s Center

Oh Caitlin and Hunter. I know that I gush over every single one of my couples, but I just have the best couples in the world! I was fortunate enough to work with Hunter and Caitlin three times over the course of their engagement. I met them for their engagement session, and I remember the first thing I thought was, wow they are both really tall. I’m 5’2, so really anyone is tall compared to me, but still. They were dressed to the nine’s, and I had SO much fun with them. If you remember from their engagement session, they took off their shoes and walked right into the marsh when I said I thought it might be cool. AND IT WAS. I loved their adventurous and fun spirits from the get-go. Closer to their wedding, I was able to meet up with Caitlin and her adorable momma for her bridal session. I love when I get to meet my bride’s momma’s before the wedding day. Caitlin’s mom was the sweetest, and helped me carry around Caitlin’s dress (it had POURED that morning, but once again, adventurous Caitlin said it was no big deal!) Once again, I had so much fun being with the two of them.

Caitlin and her girls got ready at the Francis Marion, with this absolutely stunning view of the city from her bridal suite. I hadn’t met her dad before the wedding day, but I loved the moment of her walking up behind him to do her “first look with daddy,” as she wrote in her timeline :) He had the biggest, most adorable smile on his face when he saw his baby girl in her beaded dress. And of course that’s always the moment when I get all teary-eyed and have to just focus on taking pictures so I don’t start weeping. And Caitlin’s dad wasn’t the only one to have a huge smile on his face when he saw her. As you’ll see in the post, Hunter had a huge grin on his face too when he saw Caitlin walking down the aisle.

Caitlin and Hunter, you two brought so much joy and fun to your wedding day. Seriously, there was zero stress, and only big smiles all day long. It was an absolute joy to get to know you two and work with you. Every time I look at any of the photos from their engagement session, bridal session, and their wedding, it brings a smile to my face.

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Thank you to the wonderful vendors who made this day possible!

Coordinator: Stephanie Gibbs Events

Ceremony Venue: Bethel UMC

Reception Venue: Charleston Visitor’s Center

Dress: JoLins

Flowers: Charleston Blooms

Videography: Anchor Films

Hair / Makeup: Shayla with Paper Dolls

Hotel: Francis Marion

Rentals: EventHaus

Transportation: Absolutely Charleston

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