A Downtown Charleston Sunrise Engagement

A Downtown Sunrise Engagement

Theresa & Kyle

Alright y’all, you know the story about meet-cutes? From the movie that I watch at least twice every Christmas-time? The Holiday! Well, these two have the best meet-cute ever…Theresa and Kyle met when they were paired up as lab partners in CHEMISTRY in 10th grade! The giggled as they told me that, because HOW PERFECT?! They did long distance in college, both choosing a different location in New York. And now, thankfully, they are back together and getting married! Our original plans for their engagement session were thwarted by hurricanes, so we had to reschedule. Thankfully, these two were up for anything, and drove down from Charlotte to spend a weekend in Charleston! Theresa and Kyle, thank you for meeting me at the earliest hour of the morning for your beautiful engagement session!

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