Emily & Stephen | A Downtown Charleston Engagement

Emily & Stephen

A Downtown Charleston Engagement

I met Emily a few years back when we both worked as managers at a gym here in Charleston. While the job itself was pretty strange, we had an awesome group of co-managers who all became friends. (I photographed Mike’s wedding, who was a manager, and still do fashion photography for Liz, another manager!) Working this job was also good for Emily, because it was there that she met her dear Stephen. I remember him coming into the gym, and you could tell they were smitten by each other. We were all so happy when they started dating! One good thing to come out of that job! :) Since then, they have fallen in love, gotten some pups, bought a house, and are getting ready to get married next fall! I’m so happy to be a part of their wedding day. If it’s anything like their engagement session, it’s going to be full of belly-laughs, lots of cuddles, and even their two pups! I can’t wait to see those two dressed up for the marriage of their mom and dad :)

The pups were distracted by the continual flow of horse carriages passing us on the Battery! Meet Dottie and Cullen! For real. So many giggles with these two. It’s adorable! I love that Stephen insisted on wearing a bow tie and jacket. I love it when guys want to play dress up too! Me and Emily’s favorite. It’s hard being a model! It was so fun to see Emily and Stephen’s names in lights at the American Theatre! It took us quite a while to get a few photographs there, as we had to keep dodging oncoming traffic. But we did it!

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