How to Make the Most of your Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph. At their best, they should be a laid-back excuse to get dressed up and hang out with your favorite person (your fiance, not me. But I hope you like me a lot too!) Here’s a few pieces of advice to make your engagement session a success!

  1. Be on time! And that probably means be early. I plan my engagement sessions around the best light, so if you’re late, we’re already missing out on some beautiful light. Try to arrive 15 minutes early to find parking, get out of the car and smooth out your outfit, and not feel rushed. There’s no need for added stress! engagement-session-charleston_0019 engagement-session-charleston_0017engagement-session-charleston_0010
  2. Pick an outfit you feel comfortable in! I said this in my “What to Wear” post as well. If you’re too focused on an outfit that isn’t comfortable, you’re going to miss the authentic moments with your fiance. engagement-session-charleston_0008 engagement-session-charleston_0015
  3. If at all possible, try to take the day off on the day of your session. Or at least take a half day. If you’re rushing from work, you might be stressed out from your daily tasks, or be rushed getting ready. If you can, it’s nice to plan a fun day with your fiance before your engagement session, so you’re already feeling relaxed and enjoyable. engagement-session-charleston_0016 engagement-session-charleston_0002 engagement-session-charleston_0011
  4. Location, location, location! I can definitely help you out with this one, but try to think of a place that is meaningful to you. Do you like to stroll the streets of downtown with your boo? Is the beach more your style? A park where you play with your pups? engagement-session-charleston_0005 engagement-session-charleston_0014engagement-session-charleston_0021
  5. And finally, the MOST important one. Let your photographer into your relationship. The best photographs (well, at least I think!) are the ones where you can feel the emotion. You see genuine laughter or can feel the intimacy of the moment. Feel free to have fun with your fiance. To laugh and make them laugh, to steal kisses, to give them big bear hugs. It’s not about the posing, it’s about being yourself and being with your best friend. Don’t be afraid to get crazy. Dance in the streets, get dirty in the pluff mud, spin around until you fall over. Be yourself, and let’s go have some fun! engagement-session-charleston_0006 engagement-session-charleston_0013 engagement-session-charleston_0003 engagement-session-charleston_0009 engagement-session-charleston_0004 engagement-session-charleston_0018 engagement-session-charleston_0007

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