Anna & Jarren | A Nashville Engagement

Anna & Jarren

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens | Nashville, Tennessee

This fall I traveled to Nashville with Drew, and I was able to photograph one of the most special sessions ever…my little brother’s engagement session! He and Anna took me to the spot where they had their first date, at Cheekwood Estate and Gardens. It’s such a beautiful spot for a first date, and it made me laugh when Anna told me that this first meeting almost didn’t happen because she was so late! However, my brother is a patient person, and good thing he is, because he met the love of his life! I’m so happy to Anna to join the family. These two care about each other so much. They make each other laugh, they support each other’s dreams, and the way they talk about each other is so sweet. I absolutely cannot wait to head back to Nashville in June for their wedding! 

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