Carla & Jeremy | A Pennsylvania Camp Engagement

A Pennsylvania Camp Engagement

Carla & Jeremy

Carla and Jeremy. Oh my GOSH I had so much fun with these two! I met them at Jeremy’s cousin’s wedding in Charleston, and after they got home, they asked me if I would fly up to New Jersey for their wedding this year. And of course I said yes! The two of them met at a camp in Pennsylvania, and because it’s where they also fell in love, they really wanted to have their engagement photos here. I flew up to PA and met them for their session. I fell in love with this gorgeous camp, and I can see why they chose to have their session here! I love it when couples pick a location that’s special to them, even if (actually, especially if!) it means I have to travel to get there. As we walked around, they told me memories that they had in each spot. They giggled and joked the whole time while they reminisced, and I could totally picture everything happening! We ended the session by taking out a canoe, which happen to be some of my favorite photos! Think The Notebook, camp style with two adorable, giggly human beings :) Carla and Jeremy, I cannot WAIT to travel up north for your wedding this fall!

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