Sophia & Rhett | An Old Sheldon Church Ruins Engagement

Sophia & Rhett

An Engagement Session at Old Sheldon Church Ruins

I first met Rhett when he was a groomsman in Alyssa and Garrett’s wedding last spring. I met Sophia separately when I was taking a photo outside the American Theatre for her company. And then I finally met the two together at Home Team BBQ on a rainy weekend (thinking back I’m pretty sure it was a few days before the epic flood in October!) I liked them both separately, and I liked them just as much as a couple! I am so excited to photograph their wedding this fall. Rhett is from Beaufort, South Carolina, and so when it came to their engagement photos, Sophia and Rhett thought it would be meaningful to them if they could take photos both in Beaufort and Charleston. They had fallen in love with the Old Sheldon Church Ruins outside of Beaufort, and had even looked at it as a location for their wedding. While they chose to get married in Charleston instead, they decided that the church ruins would make a beautiful location for their engagement photos. And they were so right! The combination of the brick and the soft spanish moss and oak trees created such a romantic feel. And Sophia’s choice of an off-white lacy dress was the perfect accent. We then drove back to Charleston to take some photos at their new home with their pups. It’s always an adventure when you add pups into the session, but these two did a great job. I love all the photos with their tongues hanging out :)

2016-02-09_0001 2016-02-09_0002 2016-02-09_0003 2016-02-09_0004 2016-02-09_0005 2016-02-09_0006 2016-02-09_0007 2016-02-09_0008 2016-02-09_0009 2016-02-09_0010 2016-02-09_0011 2016-02-09_0012 2016-02-09_0013 2016-02-09_0014 2016-02-09_0015 2016-02-09_0016 2016-02-09_0017I LOVE this one!!2016-02-09_0018 2016-02-09_0019 2016-02-09_0020 2016-02-09_0021 2016-02-09_0022 2016-02-09_0023But for real though with those brown eyes?! I hope Rhett sings Brown Eyed Girl to Sophia all the time :)2016-02-09_0024 2016-02-09_0025I love these pups. They had so much energy!2016-02-09_0026Tongues :)2016-02-09_0027Seriously so many tongues.2016-02-09_0028And again.2016-02-09_0029 2016-02-09_0030 2016-02-09_0031

Thank you to Urban Nirvana for making Sophia’s hair and makeup so flawless and gorgeous!