A Downtown Charleston Elopement | Caitlyn + Dylan

A Downtown Charleston Elopement

Caitlyn + Dylan

Caitlyn and Dylan had the sweetest ceremony at White Point Gardens in downtown Charleston. I know I say it so often, but I just LOVE elopements! Every time I photograph one, I’m struck by how personal, intimate, and intentional the ceremonies are. Listening to their vows put the biggest smile on my face! Dylan told Caitlyn, “When we stand in front of each other, like we are now, the rest of the world always disappears.” You could tell that they only had eyes for each other as they read their vows. The two of them are adventurers at heart, and they told me of their cross country travels, living in states all over the country, and getting married after just two months of being engaged! If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you know how I feel about adventuring with the people you love. I talk about it a lot, and I feel so fortunate to get to meet so many couples who feel the same way! Caitlyn and Dylan, I think you’re entering into the greatest adventure of all! Cheers to many amazing years to come!

Thank you to the vendors who made this day possible!

Florals: Roadside Blooms

Officiant: Barbara Pinker

Dress: Lulus

Hair and Makeup: Paper Dolls

Wedding Day Portraits – A 2018 Review

Wedding Day Portraits

A 2018 Review

Oh the wedding day portraits. This is my FAVORITE part of a wedding day, no question. I think it’s so important for couples to have time just the two of them on their wedding day, without guests, family members, wedding party, or any distractions. I want them to have time to focus on each other and think about what an important step they are taking in their relationship. I always encourage couples to spend a good amount of time for their portraits for this reason. It’s nice to be able to take our time, walk around their venue slowly, and soak it all in. Choosing just a few portraits from each wedding day for my review is nearly impossible! It makes me so genuinely happy to go back through all these weddings and see the pure JOY on these couples faces.