Old Village Engagement Photographer | Charleston, SC

An Old Village Engagement

Charleston, South Carolina

I met up with Wyatt and Jared on a warm, June afternoon. I had met them a few weeks earlier at Edmonds Oast, and as soon as I sat down with the two of them, I knew that they were the kind of people I love to photograph. They’re the type of people who don’t take things too seriously, have no problem laughing at themselves, love each other so well, and are more focused on their marriage than their wedding day. I just adore these two! Also, we realized that we are hair-twin-couples…except that Wyatt’s hair has so much more volume than mine and I’m jealous, and Jared’s ponytail is blonde instead of Drew’s brown ponytail

Wyatt and Jared, I was so honored to photograph your engagement session! I think I laughed even more than I sweat (which is saying something!) and enjoyed every minute with you two. Thank you thank you!!


Folly Beach Engagement | Charleston, SC

A Folly Beach Engagement

Charleston, South Carolina

I met Emily and Hayes out at Folly Beach on a cloudy, ominous evening. These first photos you see in this post were the calm before the storm. We had already rescheduled once for rain, and decided to go for it when the radar cleared up. Well, the radar lied, and we got SOAKED. *See last photo 😂* We were cracking up the whole way back to the car, the rain still coming down with hurricane force. (Not even lying, and I know hurricane rain when I see it!)

I know I say it all the time, but I love my sweet couples so much! Emily and Hayes took it all in stride, wringing out their clothes, jumping into the ocean, and not caring about getting *a little* wet. I guess if you’re going to get stuck in a downpour, Folly beach is the place to be! And if I do say so, I’m pretty obsessed with how these photos turned out! Moody sky for the win!