Mary Catherine & Justin | A Legare Waring Engagement

A Legare Waring Engagement

Mary Catherine & Justin

Mary Catherine and Justin were in town from Nashville, and we met up at Legare Waring for their engagement session. I asked about how they first met, and Mary Catherine said the first time she met Justin, she just assumed he was way out of her league. Now, we can all agree that Justin is a good looking guy, but I had to hold back a laugh while I thought in my head, “This girl must have no IDEA how stunning she is!!!” Seriously Mary Catherine, no one is out of your league¬†?¬†These two just eloped in GREECE, and I’m only mildly bummed that I wasn’t there to capture their day (and by mildly I mean I’ve been stalking their social media to see all the incredible photos!) They have been so sweet to send me recommendations for awesome places to go when I visit Nashville, and I could tell even by interacting with them for a short time that they are wonderful, kind people. Mary Catherine and Justin, thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your Charleston engagement photos, and I hope your Grecian wedding was absolutely perfect!

Anna & Brooks | A Charleston Proposal

A Charleston Proposal

Anna & Brooks
I love a good proposal. I talked with Brooks to plan out his proposal a few months beforehand, and I loved how intentional he was about making it the perfect proposal for Anna. I was photographing Anna’s cousin’s wedding later that spring, and so Brooks had an idea. He asked Madeline if she would tell Anna that she wanted some family photos done before the wedding to gift to her aunt. Anna didn’t think anything of it, because this sounded like something Madeline would do! So after Madeline’s dress fitting (another excuse to get them dressed all nice!) they met me down at the park and I pretended like this was completely normal to take family photos even before the wedding :) Brooks walked up (you can see him camped out in the background! Love it!) and tapped Anna on the shoulder. I’m not quite sure if she even knew what was happening right away. He got down on one knee, and Anna started crying. I loved that even as we were walking around downtown afterwards, Anna would just randomly break into happy tears. Brooks, ya did good!