Brittany & Sean | A Magnolia Plantation Proposal

Brittany & Sean

A Magnolia Plantation Proposal

Sean and Brittany got engaged this past week at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina. If you’re a guy and you’ve proposed before, you can probably attest to the fact that it rarely goes according to plan. Sean and I had talked before the proposal date, and we had decided that he would propose on the bridge. It’s an easy place for me to hide out and not look to obvious with my camera, and that way I know exactly where they will be.

However, when I arrived to Magnolia I saw that it was packed with people. It was a beautiful day in March, and everyone was out! I saw Sean and Brittany walking over to the bridge, and there were a million people milling around the bridge, walking over, taking photos, stopping right in the middle. Sean and Brittany walked down one path for a little bit, while I kept an eye on them. We waited probably about 5 minutes, and the bridge didn’t look like it would be empty anytime soon. I knew I would have to step in at some point, or Brittany would start wondering why they weren’t either walking across the bridge or walking away!

So, I walk up to them and say, “Hey, this is SO awkward, but I’m a photographer just starting to build up my portfolio, and y’all are so cute! This is so weird but I was wondering if you could pose for a photo for me!” Brittany laughed and said, “Oh my gosh, that would actually be AWESOME! I was just thinking that I would love to have a photo here that wasn’t one we took on our phone!” Sean played along, and asked where I thought would be a good spot. We walked over to the garden right next to the bridge, and I had them pose for a simple picture. As I kept snapping away, Sean turned toward Brittany and dropped down on one knee. Her reaction was absolutely adorable! As soon as she registered what was happening, she kept saying, “Oh my gosh! Are you for real? Is this real?!”

Of course, it was real life, and Brittany said yes! After a few moments of relishing the fact that they were engaged, we walked around Magnolia taking engagement photos! Congrats, Brittany and Sean! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this wonderful story!
This photo above is when Brittany still thinks I’m an amateur photographer :) And then… Here’s where the tears came again!

Daniel & HannahBeth | A Notebook Proposal

Daniel & Hannah Beth

A Notebook Proposal

Alright y’all. I’m about to share one epic story here. It’s a story that was a year in the making.

Daniel and Hannah Beth love movies, and they especially love The Notebook. They saw it together for the first time, and their favorite part of the movie was where Allie asked Noah why he hasn’t written to her, and he says that he had written her every single day for a year.

So. Daniel decides that he wants to propose to Hannah Beth, the love of his life. But he also wants his proposal to be amazing. So he has the patience to wait a whole year to make sure that his proposal is the best proposal it could be. (HOW CAN ANYONE BE THAT PATIENT?!) Come December of 2015, they had just returned home from a family vacation to Florida. Hannah Beth is living in New York, and Daniel in London. As soon as they arrive home to New York, Daniel tells Hannah Beth to repack her bags. They had another trip to take. He doesn’t tell her where they are going until they arrive at the airport. They had always wanted to come to Charleston, so she thought nothing of it. When they arrived, they were greeted by one of the lovely sedans from Absolutely Charleston, and off they went. I remember Hannah Beth telling me that as they drove over the dirt roads, she leaned in to Daniel and said, “Do you think he knows where he is going?!”

Soon they pulled up to this gorgeous white home. My wonderful friend Candice of Yoj Events opens the door for them, pretending to be a tour guide. “Welcome to the Notebook House! Our next tour starts in 5 minutes, so why don’t y’all head out to the dock? We’re filming a promotional video today, so I’m sorry about all the people milling about.” Daniel looks at Hannah Beth and says, “We’re at the Notebook house!” They walk out onto the dock, where a trio of musicians (the extremely talents gentlemen of Classical Charleston) are playing a score from the Notebook. Which is all fitting for the tour and the promotional video :) They start taking snapshots in front of the water, and in the meantime I’m standing there trying to look nonchalant, but all the while shaking like crazy, and trying not to fall in the ocean :) Daniel then asks Hannah Beth what is their favorite line in the movie, and I think at that moment it finally hit her, because she covered her mouth with her hand and could barely choke out the words, “why didn’t you write me?” That’s when Daniel dropped down on one knee and proposed.

He then led her to the box of letters that he had written her. Every day. For 365 days. WHAT?!

Can I just say that I absolutely adore how in every photo Hannah Beth either has a look of pure joy, a huge smile, or is bawling her eyes out? It was quite an emotional day. I still get goosebumps looking through the photos and remembering how special of a moment it was!

Candice at Yoj had created a beautiful lunch for them on the porch, and after they ate, we took a few more photos around the property. Absolutely Charleston drove us back to my car, and I hopped out and gave them both big hugs and said to enjoy the rest of their time in Charleston. Then, I got into my car and raced downtown so I could beat them there. Outside of the American Theatre on King street, Daniel had written a line from the movie on the marquee. Do you remember the American Theatre from The Notebook? It was so fun to go back and watch and see all the locations that are now so familiar to me. So Hannah Beth gets out of the car, looks up and sees the marquee, and starts bawling all over again.

I told you it was an epic story. Now take a look :)

The Notebook house! Isn’t it adorable?!2016-02-18_0001 2016-02-18_0002 2016-02-18_0003 2016-02-18_0004 2016-02-18_0005 2016-02-18_0006365 letters and a diamond ring2016-02-18_0007Here they come! At this point I’m shaking and so nervous/excited!2016-02-18_0008 2016-02-18_0009 2016-02-18_0010I think it’s starting to make sense…2016-02-18_0011 2016-02-18_0012 2016-02-18_0013 2016-02-18_0014 2016-02-18_0015 2016-02-18_0016 2016-02-18_0017I think Hannah Beth’s mouth was in this shape most of the day. Pure shock from surprise after surprise.2016-02-18_0018 2016-02-18_0019 2016-02-18_0020 2016-02-18_0021 2016-02-18_0022 2016-02-18_0023 2016-02-18_0024 2016-02-18_0025 2016-02-18_0026 2016-02-18_0027 2016-02-18_0028 2016-02-18_0029 2016-02-18_0030 2016-02-18_0031 2016-02-18_0032 2016-02-18_0033 2016-02-18_0034 2016-02-18_0035 2016-02-18_0036 2016-02-18_0037 2016-02-18_0038 2016-02-18_0039 2016-02-18_0040 2016-02-18_0041 2016-02-18_0042 2016-02-18_0043 2016-02-18_0044 2016-02-18_0045 2016-02-18_0046 2016-02-18_0047 2016-02-18_0048 2016-02-18_0049 2016-02-18_0050 2016-02-18_0051 2016-02-18_0052Look at this gorgeous china!2016-02-18_0053 2016-02-18_0054 2016-02-18_0055 2016-02-18_0056 2016-02-18_0057 2016-02-18_0058 2016-02-18_0059 2016-02-18_0060 2016-02-18_0061 2016-02-18_0062 2016-02-18_0063 2016-02-18_0064And now to the American Theatre. People were honking and yelling congrats as they passed and saw the sign :)2016-02-18_0065 2016-02-18_0066 2016-02-18_0067 2016-02-18_0068 2016-02-18_0069 2016-02-18_0070 2016-02-18_0071

A HUGE thank you to all of the amazing vendors who made this day possible:

Coordinator: Candice Hilse of Yoj Events
Transportation: Absolutely Charleston