A Redwood Forest Wedding | Felton, California

A Redwood Forest wedding in Felton, California

Amy + Nate


Oh how I loved everything about this wedding. It didn’t hurt that Nate is my brother-in-law and Amy is my new sister-in-law! One of the first times I met Nate was before Drew and I even started dating. It was my freshman year of college and a bunch of friends drove a minivan from Chicago to Miami and Nate was nice enough to let us all crash in his condo. Pretty sure Nate loved me after that trip and hoped with all his heart that I would one day marry his brother :) I met Amy for the first time when Drew and I went to San Francisco to visit Nate again, and I remember thinking even that very first time that they were perfect for each other. They both loved music, love being hospitable, and can talk to anyone and laugh about everything. I really can’t think of anyone more suited to be together than these two. 

One thing I loved about their wedding day was that it was such a labor of love. They have some incredibly talented friends, and everyone pitched in to make this day happen. One of Amy’s friends is a seamstress and made her dress (which by the way is freaking incredible!! Just wait til you see the piece of fabric with the embroidered flowers on the back! How perfect for a Redwoods wedding!), and the day before the wedding, we had an assembly line going to create bouquets, table decor, and boutonnieres. Their rehearsal dinner included a highly anticipated open mic which did not disappoint. The whole weekend was spent at cabins nestled in the redwoods with music, bonfires, and good company. 

On their wedding day, Nate cried when he saw Amy for the first time (and during the ceremony…and at the reception…classic Nate :) ) and Amy had the biggest smile on her face all day. We took photographs in a clearing in the redwood forest, surrounded by the beauty of these massive trees. We boarded a train to take us to the ceremony site, and had champagne toasts on the way back down. Amy and Nate, what a joy to be part of your day! 


A Charleston Engagement | Allie + Isiah

A Charleston Engagement Session

Allie + Isiah

Allie and Isiah are set to move out of Charleston soon for his deployment orders. Before they left, they both agreed that getting engagement photos done in Charleston, where they met, was a must! I was so happy when Allie reached out to book a last minute session. Engagement photos are always special, but I love the little added bonus of it being where they met! I love thinking that as they start their new life together in a new city, they can have photos of Charleston hanging on their walls :)

I had so much fun meeting their pupper, Dash, and he had so much fun chasing the other dogs around the park. We got him to sit still for a few, though :) As we walked down the street with Isiah in his Navy uniform, a woman walked out of the shop she owned. She was oohing and ahhing over how sweet they looked, and she snapped a few photos on her iphone to send to me. Everyone in Charleston loves a little romance! Allie and Isiah, good luck on your new journey!