Kelly & Mark | A White Point Gardens Engagement

Kelly & Mark

A White Point GardensĀ Engagement

I met Kelly and Mark at White Point Gardens in downtown CharlestonĀ a few weeks ago. They are getting married in a few short months, and had been putting off getting engagement photos done. They finally decided that it was something they wanted to do, no matter how nervous they were. I always tell people that I totally understand having nerves before your photoshoot. I don’t like having a camera in my face, so why would I expect someone else to? That’s why it’s SO important to me to make my couples feel at ease, above everything else. Here are some words from Kelly: “We recently got our engagement photos taken and after putting it off for so long we were really nervous about going through with them. Taylor made us feel completely different. It went from a nervous drive to our photo location to a day we will never forget…We felt so comfortable we honestly forgot she was taking pictures most of the time.” Those words are music to my ears! That’s why I strive for with every engagement session. I want it to be such a natural and fun experience that it just feels like you are hanging out with your best friend and your new friend :) Take a look at their session, which included their pup Rocky! You can see the rest of Kelly’s review on Google Reviews. Thank you for your kind words, Kelly!

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