Brittany & Sean | A Magnolia Plantation Proposal

Brittany & Sean

A Magnolia Plantation Proposal

Sean and Brittany got engaged this past week at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina. If you’re a guy and you’ve proposed before, you can probably attest to the fact that it rarely goes according to plan. Sean and I had talked before the proposal date, and we had decided that he would propose on the bridge. It’s an easy place for me to hide out and not look to obvious with my camera, and that way I know exactly where they will be.

However, when I arrived to Magnolia I saw that it was packed with people. It was a beautiful day in March, and everyone was out! I saw Sean and Brittany walking over to the bridge, and there were a million people milling around the bridge, walking over, taking photos, stopping right in the middle. Sean and Brittany walked down one path for a little bit, while I kept an eye on them. We waited probably about 5 minutes, and the bridge didn’t look like it would be empty anytime soon. I knew I would have to step in at some point, or Brittany would start wondering why they weren’t either walking across the bridge or walking away!

So, I walk up to them and say, “Hey, this is SO awkward, but I’m a photographer just starting to build up my portfolio, and y’all are so cute! This is so weird but I was wondering if you could pose for a photo for me!” Brittany laughed and said, “Oh my gosh, that would actually be AWESOME! I was just thinking that I would love to have a photo here that wasn’t one we took on our phone!” Sean played along, and asked where I thought would be a good spot. We walked over to the garden right next to the bridge, and I had them pose for a simple picture. As I kept snapping away, Sean turned toward Brittany and dropped down on one knee. Her reaction was absolutely adorable! As soon as she registered what was happening, she kept saying, “Oh my gosh! Are you for real? Is this real?!”

Of course, it was real life, and Brittany said yes! After a few moments of relishing the fact that they were engaged, we walked around Magnolia taking engagement photos! Congrats, Brittany and Sean! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this wonderful story!
This photo above is when Brittany still thinks I’m an amateur photographer :) And then… Here’s where the tears came again!

Amina & Taylor | A Debordieu Engagement

Amina & Taylor

A Debordieu Engagement


Amina and Taylor traveled from Atlanta to have their engagement session on the beautiful Debordieu Island off the coast of Georgetown, South Carolina. Exploring new places for engagement sessions and weddings is always my favorite, and Debordieu did not disappoint! The community is tucked back off Georgetown and is right on the beach. We started off walking around the neighborhood, and ended the session on the beach at dusk. Amina and Taylor have a pretty cool story of how they met. They were both working for a company that required a lot of international travel. They would spent a few months in each country, and while they were both living in London, Taylor saw Amina for the first time. He said that he knew he had to make a big move, so he invited her to go to Paris with him for a weekend getaway. Yes, their first date was in Paris for a weekend getaway from London. For real. Taylor and Amina, thanks for inviting me down to Debordieu to take some gorgeous photos with you!2016-07-27_0143 2016-07-27_0144 2016-07-27_0145 2016-07-27_0146 2016-07-27_0147 2016-07-27_0148 2016-07-27_0149 2016-07-27_0150 2016-07-27_0151 2016-07-27_0152 2016-07-27_0153 2016-07-27_0154 2016-07-27_0155 2016-07-27_0156 2016-07-27_0157 2016-07-27_0158 2016-07-27_0159 2016-07-27_0160 2016-07-27_0161 2016-07-27_0162 2016-07-27_0163 2016-07-27_0164 2016-07-27_0165 2016-07-27_0166 2016-07-27_0167 2016-07-27_0168 2016-07-27_0169 2016-07-27_0170 2016-07-27_0171 2016-07-27_0172 2016-07-27_0173 2016-07-27_0174 2016-07-27_0175 2016-07-27_0176 2016-07-27_0177 2016-07-27_0178 2016-07-27_0179 2016-07-27_0181 2016-07-27_0182 2016-07-27_0183 2016-07-27_0184 2016-07-27_0185 2016-07-27_0186 2016-07-27_0187 2016-07-27_0188 2016-07-27_0189 2016-07-27_0190 2016-07-27_0191 2016-07-27_0192 2016-07-27_0193 2016-07-27_0194 2016-07-27_0195 2016-07-27_0196 2016-07-27_0197 2016-07-27_0198 2016-07-27_0199 2016-07-27_0200 2016-07-27_0201 2016-07-27_0202 2016-07-27_0203 2016-07-27_0204 2016-07-27_0205 2016-07-27_0206 2016-07-27_0207 2016-07-27_0208