A White Point Gardens Elopement | Charleston, South Carolina

A White Point Gardens Elopement | Charleston, SC

Emily + Chance

Emily and Chance eloped at White Point Gardens in Charleston, South Carolina with their families in attendance. I won’t reiterate the fact that I love elopements, because y’all already know that! I loved meeting Emily as she sat on a bench with her mom and her sisters, taking deep breaths while her dad stood by ready to walk her down the aisle. I met Chance up at the gazebo where he had a huge smile on his face waiting for Emily to walk around the corner. They had been together for 8 years, being high school sweethearts who met volunteering at a local hospital. Emily told me that Chance proposed to her by putting a rose outside her apartment door. Confused, she picked up the rose and opened the door, and there he was, inside her apartment on his knee. I giggled to myself as I thought about the nervous anticipation of waiting for someone to get home from work, trying to be in the right spot exactly when the door opened!

There were so many things I loved about their day, including the sweetest smiles on both of their faces all afternoon. I know I say that a lot, but I know every couple isn’t always like that on their wedding day, and I have been SO blessed by couples who are just SO JOYFUL. I absolutely loved when during the ceremony, each of their families came up, laid hands on them, and spoke words of encouragement and prayer over the two of them. How incredibly special to have the most important people in your life speak over you on your wedding day. 

Emily and Chance, thank you for letting me see a little glimpse of your beautiful families and the joyous love the two of you share!

Lana & Hank | A White Point Gardens Elopement

A White Point Gardens Elopement

Lana + HankThere were so many things I loved about Lana and Hank’s sweet wedding day at White Point Gardens! They gathered together with their family members, closest friends, and their two pups to get married in the same city where Hank first told Lana that he loved her. I absolutely loved their first look, that sweet moment when the bride looks back at you, huge smile on her face, savoring the butterflies she’s feeling because she is getting ready to tap her groom on the shoulder and see him for the first time on her wedding day. To be honest, this moment still gives me the chills and teary eyes every time, even after photographing so many first looks. It’s just the best. Lana and Hank, thank you so much for letting me celebrate your wedding day with you!