Travels in Italy

Travels in Italy

This March, Drew and I took a quick trip to Italy. If you haven’t heard me say before, Drew is a travel genius, and always finds the most amazing deals. Besides the fact that he’s my best friend and favorite person to be with, he’s awesome to travel with because he has the BEST sense of direction. So basically I just follow along and enjoy the sights :) When we were in Florence, he told me that I had to guide us back to our AirBnb, and pretty much with every turn I second-guessed myself. We can’t all be as talented as him.

Cinque Terre was probably my favorite location we visited. I’d been to Rome and Florence before, and they certainly didn’t disappoint, but when I think of Italy I think of Cinque Terre. The beautifully colored houses built into cliffs on the Mediterranean, the tiny streets and gelato shops. When we walked up the MILLION steps to our AirBnb, I think I actually gasped at the view. It never ceases to amaze me that God created this beautiful, unique, stunning world for us. Talk about creativity. We hiked for hours, walked up more steps than I ever thought possible, but then ate enough pasta to make up for all the calories we burned :)

Firenze (Florence) and Tuscany were obviously a must. The first time I went to Italy I wasn’t a fan of wine, so I made sure that we did a wine tour of Tuscany since I actually appreciate wine this time :) Our AirBnb had an incredible view of the Duomo, and I forgot how absolutely stunning that church is. Apparently it was mocked when it was first built, because it was one of the first of it’s style. It was pretty cool going from Rome with it’s ancient buildings to Florence with it’s completely Renaissance style. I kept commenting on how many marble statues are everywhere. How did people have time to carve so many people out of marble?!

Rome was and is still my favorite city on earth. It’s just AMAZING. I can’t get over it. The Colosseum, the Vatican, the Roman Forum…there’s just an endless amount to see, and the scale and grandeur of everything blows my mind. Not to mention the fact that they built all these outrageous buildings before modern technology. One of my favorite parts about this city too is how easy it is to walk everywhere.

And finally, Lake Como, with it’s beautiful cities built right on the lake at the edges of the Swiss Alps. Just pure beauty.

I’ve added a few of these photographs to my Print Shop, but if there are any you would like to see there, just let me know and I’ll add them!

Cinque Terre


Firenze & Tuscany


Lago Como


And last but certainly not least…Roma

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  1. Oh my goodness- these pictures are absolutely breathtaking. Why do my pics of Cinque Terra not look this incredible ? You definitely have an artists eye ?

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