Zak & Ashley | A Charleston Proposal

Zak & Ashley | A Charleston Proposal

Cypress Gardens

So. I posted a photo on Monday of Zak’s proposal to Ashley, and the feedback that it received on social media was astounding! There were comments like, “Wait, guys like this exist??” and, “This cannot be real life,” and “Where do I find a man like that?!” It has reached over 150,000 people and been shared on 884 people’s pages (most of them who don’t even know the couple!) Let me tell you the backstory if you haven’t yet heard :)

Zak is in love with Ashley. And he knows that, like many women, she is a hopeless romantic. (As is he, as you will see later on in this story.) She also loves The Notebook. He decided to plan a trip for her, telling her it was to celebrate her recent graduation from grad school. She had no idea where he was taking her, just that they were going on a little road trip. For four weeks prior to this, Zak had been writing her love letters. Fast forward to Monday, when Zak laid out a blue polka dot vintage dress and a strand of pearls. He then drove Ashley to Cypress Gardens and took her to the lake where parts of The Notebook was filmed. They got in a canoe and paddled out a bit. (This is the part where I’m a ninja in the bushes with my paparazzi camera lens.) He hands her the letters to look at, and then he pulls out a red box. He gets down on one knee (yes, in the canoe) and asks her to be his wife. She cried, he smiled, and it was a beautiful moment.

Now  you understand the aforementioned comments.

Take a look at what such a beautiful love looks like. CONGRATS, Zak and Ashley!!

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Location: Cypress Gardens

A huge shoutout to the wonderful people at Cypress Gardens, which seems to be one of the most accommodating venues in Charleston!

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