Lana & Hank | A White Point Gardens Elopement

A White Point Gardens Elopement

Lana + HankThere were so many things I loved about Lana and Hank’s sweet wedding day at White Point Gardens! They gathered together with their family members, closest friends, and their two pups to get married in the same city where Hank first told Lana that he loved her. I absolutely loved their first look, that sweet moment when the bride looks back at you, huge smile on her face, savoring the butterflies she’s feeling because she is getting ready to tap her groom on the shoulder and see him for the first time on her wedding day. To be honest, this moment still gives me the chills and teary eyes every time, even after photographing so many first looks. It’s just the best. Lana and Hank, thank you so much for letting me celebrate your wedding day with you!

Chandler & Patrick | A Charleston Elopement

A Downtown Charleston Elopement

Chandler + PatrickI LOVE elopements. Have I said that before? Maybe once or twice? Or a million times :) Chandler looked like a stunning princess and Patrick her stylish Prince Charming in their wedding day! I loved Chandler’s wispy locks with the simple touch of flowers, and Patrick’s maroon blazer was on point! They had an intimate ceremony at White Point Gardens, and then we wandered around Charleston taking portraits. Are y’all ready for a real moment story? When we were almost done with portraits, Chandler looks down at her hand and realized her wedding band was gone. Somehow, it had fallen off her finger on our walk. By looking at my camera, we were able to determine when she still had it and when she didn’t have it anymore. We walked back with our eyes to the ground, Chandler and Patrick in surprisingly good spirits, knowing that it was just a material thing (albeit an expensive one!) All of a sudden, Chandler shrieks and stoops down to the ground, where her ring is resting precariously on the edge of the curb. A wedding day miracle!! We were all so thankful for that moment, and you can see her surprise and happiness in the last two photos!