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Lowndes Grove Wedding * Jessica and Corey

I met Jessica for the first time when she visited Charleston for a wedding planning trip. I knew immediately that we were going to get along. She was easy to talk to, full of life, and a dancer, which is one of my loves in life :) We spent the afternoon talking, laughing, and getting excited for her wedding day.

Their wedding took place at the beautiful Lowndes Grove in the heart of downtown Charleston, South Carolina. The property is right on the water, with a beautiful mansion set in the middle of a huge lawn and patio. Their vision for the day¬†was a classic, elegant, Southern-style autumn wedding. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day, with a light breeze in the air and the sun shining. One of my favorite memories of their wedding is seeing Jessica and Corey interact with the 4 absolutely adorable kids that she used to nanny for. The flowergirls stared in awe at Jessica in her glamorous wedding dress, and the ring-bearer had the biggest smile on his face as he walked down the aisle to stand with all the men.

Their wedding was so uniquely them. The ceremony was officiated by Jessica’s cousin, who said he was so nervous, but no one would have known when he started talking. His words were beautiful and personal. It was a destination wedding for them, and they kept their ceremony intimate by having their closest family and friends travel to Charleston. They had a bourbon and cigar bar for Corey, who is a cowboy at heart :) Jessica’s gown was a gorgeous custom-made lace gown with a stunning plunge in the back. They entered the reception with a choreographed dance with the whole wedding party, and it was seriously one of the best choreographed dances I have ever seen! They had a whole wedding party of amazing dancers. *Jealous* They danced the night away under the open sky, cafe lighting, and a gorgeous chandelier that hung in mid-air. And I have never seen a dance party like the one they had. I think every single person was out on the dance floor all night, and they even had a dance-off that ended up with the winner doing the worm on the concrete patio. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard at a reception.

Corey and Jessica are so perfect for each other. As Jessica’s sister said during her toast, the moment she met Corey she knew he was the one for Jessica. They are so different, but they complement each other so well. Spending the day with them, it was easy to see their beautiful love for each other, in the way that they talked to each other, spoke to each other, and laughed together. I was so blessed to be able to capture such a lovely day.

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And here are the amazing vendors who made this day possible!

Venue: Lowndes Grove Plantation

Wedding Coordination: The Burlap Elephant

Makeup and Hair: Allure Salon

Floral: Tiger Lily Florist

Videography: Siegel Films

Rentals: Polished

Rentals: OOH! Events

DJ: Epic Charleston

Lighting: AV Connections

Transportation: ACW Limo & Vintage Rolls Royce



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