Ellie & Jack | An Oak Point Plantation Wedding

Ellie & Jack

An Oak Point Plantation Wedding If I could choose two words to describe Ellie and Jack’s wedding day at Oak Point Plantation, it would be grace and unadulterated joy. (Ok, maybe that was three, but you get my point.) Let me give you the back story here. Ellie and Jack were supposed to be married on October 8th of 2016. That week, we all frantically watched the weather channel as hurricane Matthew loomed in the distance, reported to be heading straight to Charleston. Ellie and Jack held out as long as possible, but on Wednesday, with a mandatory evacuation in place, there was really nothing to be done. They decided to reschedule their wedding, as they wanted family and friends to be safe. Now, let’s think about this! That wasn’t just like rescheduling an engagement session, an outing, or a vacation. That was rescheduling EVERYTHING they had planned. Rescheduling when their anniversary would be. And these two handled it with more GRACE than I could have even imagined possible. As Ellie was talking with me about their plans, she said that they were obviously upset, but they both felt at peace about it. They were one of my couples who truly displayed that they know their marriage is about more than just their wedding day.

One of my favorite things was the Christmas card they sent out last year, which said, “Merry and almost married,” and on the back poked fun at the fact that another hurricane would not be invited to their new wedding date. All over their wedding day was quirky and fun references to the fact that this was their second wedding date. Not everyone could take this with such grace and humor, and I love them even more for that!

As Ellie said to me in her emails to me a week or so before her wedding day, “Looking back, it is quite comical how everything happened. I honestly wouldn’t change any of it if you gave me the chance. Neither of us is nervous excited like before, it’s a different kind of excited than before…more like a deep in your heart, overwhelming excitement…almost like pure joy. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a wonderful feeling! Jack and I have grown together in the past 6 months more than we have in our entire 6 years together. I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason, and I think Jack does now too! True love is so incredibly resilient.”

I don’t think it can be said better than that, so without further ado, here is the story in photographs!

Thank you to all the wonderful vendors who made this day possible!

Venue/Coordinator: Oak Point Plantation

Gown: Bridals by Jodi

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid

Suits: JoS A. Bank

Bowties: Barry Beaux

Florals: Charleston Blooms

Catering: SERVE! Charleston

Rentals: EventWorks

Cake: Sweet Southern Bella’s

Band: Billingsley

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