Allison & Andy | A Downtown Charleston Engagement

A Downtown Charleston Engagement

Allison and Andy

I’m pretty sure that Allison had the best combination of adorable giggle and sultry smile that I’ve ever seen!! Every time she giggled it made me giggle, and Andy brings the most beautiful smile out of Allison! The two of them had recently moved to Charleston, and it was fun showing them some of my favorite spots downtown as we walked around for their engagement session. I’m always up for a chance to show off my favorite city in the world! Allison and Andy, thank you for spending an evening walking up and down the streets of Charleston with me! The way you opened up and were vulnerable in front of the camera made for some amazing engagement photos!

Megan & Andy | A Charleston Engagement

A Downtown Charleston Engagement

Megan & Andy

Megan and Andy are one of my spring couples this year, and I can’t wait to hang out with them again! They are both so easy-going, and I immediately felt like they were friends of mine. Out of all the guys I have photographed for engagement sessions, I think Andy might have been the most relaxed in front of the camera! The whole time he was smiling, asking me questions about my life, and loving on Megan in the cutest way! They both have the most amazing, welcoming smiles. I am SO so excited for y’alls wedding! It’s going to be such a joyous, amazing day, and I’m so thrilled that I get to be a part of it!